Hellooooooo my name is Livy and I’m 14. I’m a London girlie and I LIVE for fashion. Nuff said.

I’ve loved it ever since I was small/can remember and can’t imagine my life without it (yes, I’m that sad!!). So this is my own little way of little way of keeping notes and documenting everything that sparks a light in my fashion-mad head. Except I’m sharing it with you. From everyday outfits (some memorable for good reasons and some for bad!) to fashion events like the clothes show live. Whatever it is, If I’ve ‘been there and done it’ then you will have too. If theres a new topshop opening or I’ve mastered a new trend then I’ll have pictures to prove it. And equally, if I discover a hideous new line of shoes (Ermmm Croc’s anyone?) or I’ve had a major wardrobe malfunction then they’ll be pics too. But most importantly I hope I learn from those mistakes, and I hope I help you too! I’ll be your fashion first-aider! Te he.



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